Citizens Rejoice! Law Abiding Citizen hits the shelves!

March 31, 2010 at 9:16 am (Movie Reviews, Newer Movies) (, , , )

So, I got to watch Law Abiding Citizen over the weekend with some friends and I definitely have to say it was an interesting movie.

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Most movies I watch there is a defined good vs. evil plot and you either cheer for the good guy and boo the bad guy or see how the bad guy is going to make his/her next move and are happy when the good guy stops his/her plan. This movie didn’t have that!! You

had a guy striking revenge on the people who killed his wife and daughter and the lawyer who did what he could to stop them from going free. I know right now your saying that is exactly what you just described above and your right, if that’s where it ended with the plot. Instead that only takes up the first 7 minutes of the film, the rest is the “good guy” going after everyone else that had anything to do with the trail that gave one of the killers of his wife and daughter a lighten sentence. So, here in lays the problem do you cheer for the “good guy” to complete his revenge or cheer for the “evil” justice system to stop him from doing it. I have to say I couldn’t cheer for either, yet I couldn’t stop watching it and wanting to see what would come next.
So, the movie itself was one of my favorite action/suspense movies and I thought Gerard Butler plays a really good psychopath, almost as good as Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector.
Jamie Foxx plays the lawyer, but it’s not his best drama style character, it’s seem like it was just a part he didn’t want to do.
I still highly recommend that you check this movie out and be ready to have to choose one side or the other.

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